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Featuring six updates to the Go Pro Hero3, the Go Pro Hero3 Black Edition builds on the reputation of the previous model and addresses both feature requests from users and the overall evolution of this extreme sports camera product line.

The actual size, weight and design of the Go Pro camera itself remains identical to the previous version, except there is the addition of that symbol next to the three on the front of the camera.

The major cosmetic change is the housing that encases the Go Pro and this is consistent across the full line-up.

This has been simplified compared with the older design, which had a safety switch that needed to be flipped before the lever could be released, giving access to the camera.

Firmware Update – Go Pro.com/Support Follow the steps on the Go Pro support page to download and install the latest version of software.

(Back red light of death - Only the back light is on and the camera is non-responsive) Here is Hypoxic's list of issues with the Go Pro HERO HD 3 Blacks: Strikethrough means fixed!

EXTREMELY CRITICAL The Gopro does not continuously adjust exposure therefore people such as skydivers, paintballers, marksmen, etc.

I’m here to explain the basics of getting started with your Go Pro, from what it’s capable of, to what settings are best for your situations.

This specific guide is made for the HERO3 line of cameras; however, the ideas in here transfer across many of the different models of Go Pro!

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From their readme, there must have been some issues with some San Disk cards not making specs.

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