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Marc, please download PBsetup by clicking on this link and choosing the appropriate platform.If it didn't come wih AA2, please ignore the NOTE above.Sometimes your server might not start up correctly the first time.The most common problems: Log: WARNING: Not updating steam server data due to server not being authorized.LAN servers use (attach, or "bind to") the IP address specified in the "Server Authorization IP address" field shown on the main Host a Server dialog.However, GLOBAL servers can be set up to bind to a different IP address than that used for the authentication of your server using the "Use Multihome with IP" check box and the "Advanced IP Options" button.You'll be able to ask questions about Windows 10 or chat with the community and help others.

I've disabled PB on CYW's servers due to the huge number of people unable to join a team and getting kicked. As a server admin, I have certain responsibilities, and one of them is to keep the hackers off; I need PB's help to do that, which means people need to update the clients PB. Right now the majority of servers are not PB enabled, but like I said, that won't last. Save this anywhere on your computer, desktop for example.

If your network uses NAT behind a router, then you’ll have to forward some ports from the outside IP to the inside IP so that your server will authenticate, show up in game browsers, and allow connections from clients.

● 8777 (UDP) ● 8778 (UDP) ● 1200 (UDP and TCP) ● 4380 (UDP and TCP) ● 9987 (UDP) ● 27000-27030 (UDP and TCP) Specific ports must be open in your firewall so that your server will authenticate, show up in game browsers, and allow connections from clients.

I’ve seen servers auth immediately, and I’ve seen them take up to 10 minutes to auth. If it hasn’t authenticated, use ctrl-C to close the server and then try again.

If this still doesn’t work, then it’s time to start double and triple checking your settings.

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