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You can remove FOR EACH ROW or use the data in : New to do the calculation (if possible) and then make the update.In your case it will make more sense to use separate table to have the avg_grade per semester.Albies crushed the ball in June, and it's carried over to the (very) early stage of July, as well.The fact that he's hitting for average and power now is scary, especially when you combine it with that plus-plus speed.

Source:… First you need to read about triggers, mutating table error and compound triggers: Your trigger is AFTER UPDATE OR INSERT OR DELETE."Stuff like that is on me, staying healthy," he said.Now entering his third NFL season, Diggs offers 90-plus-reception potential after an 84-catch 2016.Means if you run UPDATE OR INSERT OR DELETE statements on this table, the trigger will fire. You cannot modify the same table the trigger is firing on.But you are trying to update the same table again inside your trigger, which is compl. The purpose of trigger is to fire automatically when table is updated, inserted or deleted in your case. I had the same issue and I noticed that if you do a select on the same table you put the trigger on you may/will get this problem.

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