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As a self-appointed Brand Ambassador to the hags in Jakarta, I get asked a lot whether certain dudes are playing in my field or sitting at the fence.Discreet ‘butch’ gay men (especially those in uniform) occupy the highest strata of our caste system and they enjoy the perks of NOT being judged in public."We submitted a CD and several print-outs of the photos.The police should investigate and find out who uploaded them on the site," Jefri said.Your journey Down Under had barely begun when – ding! Just over an hour out of Gatwick, it was time to touch down in Zurich.

Unassuming and with no gender-bending voice, in real life they are the flavor of the week, though not necessarily relationship-worthy materials. Matre = Materialistic Mbalelo = disobedient, stubborn Mejeng = See and be seen, pose Meki = Vagina Meler = Runny nose Memek = vagina Meneketehe = I don’t know Miapah (Usually preceded by “Ciyus”) = For what reason Mimin = Administrator Min = Administrator Mingkem = closed lips Mbulet = complicated Mo = want Moge = Motor gede = Big motorcycle, such as Sport motorcycle, Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycle, etc.Habib Rizieq Shihab of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), center, is facing a series of scandals, including one involving compromising photos and videos allegedly between him and a woman called Firza Husein. A group of students calling themselves the Alliance of Antipornography Students has reported to the police a series of photos and videos featuring intimate exchanges allegedly between firebrand cleric Habib Rizieq Shihab — also the leader of hardline Muslim group Islamic Defenders Front — and a woman called Firza Husein.But when it comes to Indonesian society, movies, TV shows, and so on, you’ll find so many confusing used in the conversation. And of course, you will never find it on Indonesian dictionary.. Here i list Indonesian slang for you (and i will update it whenever i got a new slang), pronounce it as you say in Bahasa Indonesia. I hope this will become something like Indonesian slang dictionary: A ABG, A Be Ge, Anak Baru Gede = Teenager Ababil, ABG labil = labile teenager, immature Abang = calling older male Afgan = Sadistic, when someone hurt you, extremely low bidding Agan, gan = bro Akik = Gemstone Akik = Akika = i, me, mine Alay = overdressed, asshole, jerk, teenage douchebag (female/male) Aq, ak, akyu akoh, akooh = i, me, mine Ajib = Cool, awesome Amburadul = disorganized Amit-amit (sometimes followed by “jabang bayi”) = God forbid, Oh my God Amoy = Chinese/oriental girl Amsyong = Damn it!

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