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But if you looked at normal people on the street, it’s wide-legs, boot-cut, with the three-inch inseam and the three-inch-wide belt. There was also the ironic tee shirt moment, like “Free Winona,” and the Dare logo, and then trucker hats. I was really trying to at least, with our background, create a really strong sense of the era.

"If it's not done properly, then that can taint anything that we do.

"If we try to come in and take over an investigation that's been done, it taints our investigation.

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I tried to find images that were appropriate to San Francisco in the middle of the 2000s, because San Francisco, of course, has a much more ecletic look and feel than LA or New York, or any other big urban metropolis. There’s a lot more risk-taking and a lot more accessories and I really noticed that when I was putting all my research boards together.

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