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According to the VAS scale, patients’ tolerance was also significantly better with hydrocodone than with placebo (2 (0–8) 3 (0–9), p = 0.043).Conclusion: The combination of midazolam and hydrocodone markedly reduces cough during FB without causing significant desaturation, especially when invasive diagnostic procedures are performed.

Butorphanol Butorphanol tartrate, also known as Torbutrol® is an opiate agonist used by veterinarians primarily as an anti-tussive, to help alleviate coughing.

Heart rate, blood pressure, percutaneous oxygen saturation, and bispectral index were monitored.

Sedation was induced intravenously by a bolus administration of midazolam and maintained by a continuous administration of propofol.

It is commonly used as a cough-relieving agent or for sedation purposes in the veterinary field.

Butorphanol Considerations Butorphanol is a controlled Class IV narcotic medication; therefore, it requires a prescription from a veterinarian with the appropriate and active license from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

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