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The older the pottery, the more radiation it has absorbed and the brighter the pottery sample glows.By measuring the TL, we can calculate how much radiation has been absorbed and use this information to calculate the approximate age of the pottery.The standard printed factory mark, included the number 51 in the centre that refers to the year 1751 when the Worcester Porcelain Company was founded by Dr John Wall.The mark can appear in any colour, and on a variety of materials.Things Novice Collectors of Chinese Porcelain Must Know Age This page is the result of a good number of porcelain identification requests received every week via this website.Clearly, many of these queries concern age, value, where made, etc., but it is also evident that many beginning collectors needing the information have little knowledge how antique porcelain really looks like, in view to age, prior to buying.When a small sample of ancient pottery is heated it glows with a faint blue light, known as thermoluminescence or TL.

It is characterized by a narrow mouth, a small neck resting on high, broad shoulders, and a tall body tapering off to a shallow ring foot.From 1867 a letter system was also used to indicate the year of manufacture. This series of codes continued until the 1960s when the dots are arranged around the R (signifying registered) in a circle.From 1966 the date coding system was rarely used and from the mid 1960s, a different format of factory stamp was also adopted for bone china tableware.Although shapes may have variations among different dynasties and reigns, adherence to tradition, as well as limited free expression under imperial guidelines, resulted in a relatively small quantity of identifiable shapes.By tracing those shapes, it’s not difficult to find out when a certain shape was first produced, and whether or not that shape was popular during a certain period, thus making shape one of the key factors in dating the porcelain.

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Yuhuchun first appeared in the temples of the Tang dynasty (608–917 AD) as a holy water vase.

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