Pie chart data labels not updating

If the graphs you want to use in your Power Point presentation will change regularly, it can be a hassle to create them from scratch every time there is an update to the data.It is likely that the data used to create the graph is coming from an Excel worksheet, so why not link the graph on the slide directly to the Excel data. I will describe each method, and then show a table that summarizes the differences.The graph is now a drawing object in Power Point that can be moved and proportionally size, but not edited.Comparing the two methods Recommendations In most situations, the Basic Paste method will work well.The lone data label should be effective just by virtue of being the only one. To move the label, select it and drag it - that part's easy.

You can now edit the graph using the Power Point graph tools in the Graph ribbons (there are three ribbons on Power Point 2007 & 2010 and two ribbons in Power Point 2013 & 2016).

I increased the font size and changed the color to make the value stand out among the chart's other elements. This one could use a bit of clarification, so let's add some descriptive text.

Position the cursor inside the data label either before or after the actual label.

Make the graph look exactly the way you've pictured it in your mind!

In modern versions of Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, customizing charts is easy and fun.

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