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These organizations have a « IT history », from years, and a lot of very important information still remain in the NIS maps (automount, etc.) So, the goal is to use Kerberos/LDAP for authentication/authorization services and a NIS Gateway service which expose to NIS client the maps NIS which are stored in Active Directory.

And this gets us back to the main topic of this post.

Some details: I'm running Scientific Linux 6.4, with ypserv-2.19-26, ypbind-1.20.4-30, and yp-tools-2.9-12.

NIS is configured to use $ sudo yppasswd phil Changing NIS account information for phil on ypmaster.

:) Anyway, our customers use our software on different platforms, most of them use HP-UX, some are on Solaris, some AIX, some are on Linux and we even have some customers on Tru64.

In order to provide support to all those customers we need to have all those systems as well.

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This seems like it should be simple, but if it is, I must be missing something.

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