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Interestingly, , which was released on 30 March 2004, generated some controversy among hardcore Gong fans: firstly for its disturbing cover image of Allen’s head Photoshopped onto the body of a pregnant, naked woman (though you also might want to brace yourself for the rear sleeve, featuring Kawabata sitting on the toilet); and secondly for Allen’s temerity in essaying a rap – of sorts – on ‘Supercotton’ (“DJ Queenie, she is trouble, she is indie-structa-bubble”).However, such impetuous playfulness was entirely in keeping with Gong’s impudent ethos, and ‘Supercotton’ still constitutes a bubbling, sparking cauldron of tumultuous sonic arcs, in characteristic Gong fashion.

The walls of the hallway seem to throb and surge as the film builds momentum, finally climaxing in a spasm of pure light.Gilli Smyth even provides a time-honoured space whisper.‘Olde Fooles Game’, which follows, represents a calming, philosophical interlude before the pell-mell riff of the instrumental ‘Zeroina’ stomps all over the reverie.A few more nuts and bolts: “Shot in grainy black and white,” wrote critic/curator Ed Halter, interviewing Lawder for the Village Voice in 2007, “the film comprises a series of shaky tracks and zooms down a narrow hallway (inhabited intermittently by the apparition of a nude hippie-chick) that builds into a dizzying array of superimpositions and reprinting, which in turn builds into flickering monochrome fields, all the while interacting with composer Terry Riley’s synthesized warblings.Lawder has called Corridor “an occasion for meditative speculation” that invokes “a change in brain-wave activity…through the interface stimulation of alpha-wave frequencies.” Lawder also told Halter that he finds the gloriously glacial space-invading of Michael Snow’s Wavelength (1967) “incredibly sensual.” A masterpiece of sensualized space quite unlike either Wavelength or its still closer kissing cousin, Ernie Gehr’s Serene Velocity (1970), Corridor continually (if ultimately rather chastely) evokes a passage palpably maternal and erotic.

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