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It’s ironic, this whole drama started from a Tumblr post. Feel free to share this around so people can open up their eyes. Before I go onto the actual evidence of the contradictions and inconsistencies and giveaways that April’s full of shit, let’s venture into April’s history with Toby and Olga, shall we? April says the reason why was because Toby cheated on both of them at the same time.This info comes from this Tumblr post surrounding April, Olga & Toby. April is jealous whenever Toby hangs out with other girls. In the Tumblr post, it’s stated that she favorited a tweet someone made calling Olga jealous that April was dating Toby. April has a very nasty personality and a case of jealousy.That’s morphed into a brand all its own – Moosh Walks – which continues to show its pet influences Moosh Walks produces socks “inspired by passion, creativity, and individuality” that features characters designed by Olga Kay and partner artists Maddy Bella. And in that regard, Olga and Moosh Walks are part of a select group.Moosh Walks recently announced a partnership with Nail Snaps, a custom nail art company, to bring Moosh Walks characters from fans’ feet to their hands.

But just watching her plot and move, even trying to steal the interview from me at one point, you can tell she’s got crazy trajectory. Although I make 23 videos a week, so I’m a little behind on my schedule because I’ve been doing a lot of different things that are not supposed to happen during the week usually — you’re one of them! But yeah, I love videogames, and “Assassin’s Creed” the new one is just amazing. He’s not here; I’m here by myself, and he’s a DJ [makes DJ noises], so he’s still in Russia, and he has a wife and her name is Olga.As of August 7th, 2013, Jack was placed in a hospital due to severe abdominal pains.This forced him to stop uploading at the time which resulted in the postponement of 56th episode of YGS.He is engaged to Erin, and they have been together for 4 years.He proposed on their 4-year anniversary at the bar where they met.

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It has since been updated to include his subscriber count for all three of his channels.

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