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Dating seems to be appealing to increasing numbers of gay men (as evidenced by standing room-only crowds at an event dedicated to dating held at the lesbian and gay community center on a recent saturday night).

For much of the gay male community, dating is a concept that was ushered in by the HIV/AIDS health crisis.

Join the HIV dating online and start sharing your experience with other people that are just like you.This believe is being followed by a diverse group of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.HIV Positive Gay Dating HIV Positive Gay Dating is a gay singles site that is quite a lot different from the rest.Sexism is a Factor It took more than 10 years for the CDC to expand it’s definition of AIDS to include opportunistic infections that affected females.A saying from the late 1980s was, “Women don’t get AIDS, they just die from it.”From the CDC’s website: Through December 1998, 109,311 women were reported with AIDS.

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Note: information on whether a woman had sex with women is missing in half of the 109,311 case reports, possibly because the physician did not elicit the information or the woman did not volunteer it.

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