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What may be surprising in this case is that it happened two months ago and is just being reported now.Despite playing Dawson, Van Der Beek does not have the same star power as his former co-stars.I didn’t watch the premiere episode of Dawson’s Creek when it aired on The WB in 1998 – and pretty much every girl in school told me how foolish of a decision this was.The school was literally abuzz about the floppy haired high schooler named Dawson, who could pass for a 25-year-old.In the later 2000’s he did a few TV movies, and had a few notable story arcs on shows like , James has no problem making fun of himself.After a legendary gif of him circulated the internet of Dawson crying, James created an entire website to express all of the different types of emotions he could portray. James has been married twice – his first marriage to Heather Mc Comb officially ended in June of 2010, and he wasted no time with marrying Kimberly Brook just a few months later.

Olivia and Joshua are in on the news and seem to be excited about a baby coming into the family.She has made guest appearances on ' The Big Bang Theory' and ' How I Met Your Mother' and does voiceover work for ' Scooby Doo' and ' G. Now: Crystal is Danica Mc Kellar's real-life sister.She graduated from Harvard Law School and is currently a Senior Associate at Morrison & Foerster in San Diego.The couple have two children together – Olivia, and Joshua.Who I hope was named after Dawson’s Creek cast roommate Joshua Jackson. Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter First, I’d like to thank Joshua for once being featured on my bedroom wall via magazine cut-outs.

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There are only a few girls in movies and TV as sexy and fun to watch as Diane Lane.

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