Error message error validating application type oauthexception

This token is used by the app to perform various actions on the user’s behalf.However, it can’t perform something that was not approved (for example, the user may only allow an app to fetch information about friends, but not post on the user’s wall).

(sorry for my terrible english) Nunzio Great job in this railscast!I was hoping that Facebook lets a user export their friends' email addresses to external apps so that a user can see which of his/her other friends are already using that app.Facebook doesn't allow this, for better or worse (probably to maintain control and to prevent spam).The above functionality of helping a user find their Facebook friends on your app can still be accomplished, but it requires that both users go through the trouble of connecting their Facebook accounts to your app. Fortunately, I found that Omni Contacts enables a user to import their email contacts directly to your app: Thanks for this episode. I clean installed Mountain Lion, installed Rails Installer and now when I follow this tutorial, I get this: Faraday:: Error:: Connection Failed SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed i get this on the very next page after the user signs up using fb using the oauth fb video tutorial here (and devise oauth).It's very clearly, but I have some error on this episode. this error is triggered by = current_user.facebook.get_object("me").to_yaml anybody dealt with this?

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