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A recent important report endorsed by several prestigious and influential medical and dental organisations has outlined what health professions can do to reduce health inequalities.

It is an elusive term that can be very personal in nature and vary on the circumstances in which justice is required.The use of health services in Canada is not generally affected by financial barriers such as income."Nevertheless," wrote the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Committee on Population Health in its second report on the health of Canadians, "there appear to be persistent language and cultural barriers to the provision and/or the utilization of services in certain circumstances." Health services-and the barriers to access of these services-function as determinants of health.Its everyone's responsibility at Griffith to ensure equity and Equal Opportunity (EO) are part of the work and study environment.We have plans and programs that support and address identified groups amongst staff and students who have, through previous practices and policies, been disadvantaged.

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