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One of the points I made in that article was that if you can find a newspaper advertisement that matches a hat found in an old photograph, use the newspaper to establish the time period that photo might have been taken.

This is an important determination, as it can eliminate relatives not from that time period as possible candidates for the people in the photo.

In the 1860s and their stamps were simple like this one on the left.

It might be just the object that's in your photograph and you just didn't know the name of it. See also: Safely store, display your old family photographs.Take notice of the details in the photo you are trying to date and see if any of the items are here.There are business records with their addresses and dates when they were in business.This method of dating a photo may be the one which narrows the date best, depending on how often the photographer moved.

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“Family photos are powerful,” said Maureen Taylor, in her presentation at the 2016 Roots Tech conference.

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