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It wasn't the bookcase itself, but the glass cases built into each shelf that enclosed the most exquisite Japanese dolls.He had a small collection of very fine, fully costumed Japanese dolls which he had purchased when serving in the Armed forces in Japan.

May 5th is “Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day),” and this is so called “Boy’s Festival.” While Children’s Day is a national holiday, Hinamatsuri is not.March 3rd was one of my favorite festivals in Japan – Hina Matsuri.Hina Matsuri is otherwise known as the Hina Doll Festival and celebrates Girl’s Day.My town has a very old looking historic street/district where some historic buildings are opened and have large displays of dolls including some antique ones.I have a lot of fond memories of going to see the doll displays with my wife while we were dating.

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