Dating games playing hard to get

Spend some time on yourself – working out, taking care of your skin or hair or just reconnecting with yourself through music, meditation and the like. Not only they will be glad to have a parent who is around more often but you will get to enjoy them before they grow up and leave.

It is often the fear of being single rather than genuine interest in another person that leads one to accept a date with someone boring or incompatible.

It might sound a little out-dated and kind of annoying.

And to be honest, playing hard to get can be really difficult – acting like you don’t care when you actually do is tough!

In psychology we have learned about the reciprocity principle: we tend to like someone if they like us.So does that mean that playing hard to get is always the way to go? The men were less attracted to women who were viewed as "hard to get," meaning they just didn't want to date anyone.The men were also less attracted to women who were considered "easy to get," meaning they were open to dating several men.And, why would we be more attracted to someone who we weren't even sure was really interested in us? The women were then shown the profiles of four men.One group was told that they were looking at men who had liked their profile the most, the second group was told that they were viewing the men who had given them an average rating, and the last group (the uncertain condition) was told that they were viewing men who liked them either the most or had given them average ratings.

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