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These calls grew as it turned out that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.Saudi officials pledged to make efforts to crack down on these imams.Saudi Arabia itself has been accused of funding terrorism in other countries, The US military sent forces to Saudi Arabia in 1990 after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. presence, as it violated a Muslim tradition of excluding non-Muslim from permanent residence in the Arabian peninsula.

Reporting detailed clinical and genomic analysis of a large series of apparently novel dysmorphology syndromes will likely lead to a trend to accelerate the establishment of novel syndromes and their underlying genes through open exchange of data for the benefit of patients, their families, health-care providers, and the research community.

Consistent with the apparent novelty of the phenotypes, our analysis revealed a strong candidate variant in genes that were novel at the time of the analysis in the majority of cases, and 10 of these genes are published here for the first time as novel candidates (CDK9, NEK9, ZNF668, TTC28, MBL2, CADPS, CACNA1H, HYAL2, CTU2, and C3ORF17).

A significant minority of the phenotypes (6/31, 19%), however, were caused by genes known to cause Mendelian phenotypes, thus expanding the phenotypic spectrum of the diseases linked to these genes.

Dysmorphology syndromes are among the most common referrals to clinical genetics specialists.

Inability to match the dysmorphology pattern to a known syndrome can pose a major diagnostic challenge.

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